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housekeeping book healthy database


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Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 11-04-2021 18:13


How do you proceed? Find all your expenses on hand to get started

first read on the website under order of names in the menu bar on the site to

my school
my courses
the financial scroll
We may visit you to help you on your way and to be an example of a good role model the saint sitting in heaven

We come to win your trust, for the love of our lord,
to scatter in little things. to increase your wealth
we do this because what people love most is not a radical change from 21 years in 2002 where I felt called to give.
we give you extra tips so that your tax benefits when we visit your home:

send email address and your home address and mobile number where we can reach you for personal contact
Mail to:

how do you proceed read all the lessons before you start with everything
then you see that you have (opened) 2 current accounts that you can contribute financially to a world of change our call our lord calls us for the little things we do for you
see that you have at least 6 E-savings accounts in total

In your bank’s settings, change the name associated with your account so that you know what your
6 E-savings accounts are in front so that you can recognize them individually

I’m going to list the names for the different savings accounts:

Next vehicle purchase
Dream project
So the hardest part is over how to use bad database housekeeping

At the bottom of the screen you have tap leaves, among other things:

What I want to dream
All overview
Which you can click to see the contents of that tap sheet

Income & expenditure are equal from the point of view of classification
those formats on the left column the format of the explanation of the account that gives you + or – value in the 3 columns next to it that are colored white where you can leave a value in the 3 columns each have a recurring value of the value you enter in the column what are those 3 columns

3 monthly
Donations in this tap sheet you should do nothing happens automatically by reading the exel file correctly how you can change the world by doing your bit everyone had to do it also the rich but what do you understand by rich I leave to your love about how close you with the love the state of the big picture

What I want to dream is tap sheet about what you possibly want but neither cannot or will not buy or after time do not buy through the love of our lord who works in you to give more meaning to your life,
but you are not there yet, there are few called to shape his work without our lord our ideas (on better finances) are nothing, if we are nothing then you have found the power of his love

All overview is tap sheet of overview of previous tap leaves
in the yellow box “Food and nutrition” you can enter weekly money that you spend per week in the white box,
you have to see the blue ”required income per month” at the bottom left that you do not exceed your monthly income otherwise you will have problems
in the green box “all savings books” you enter an amount of your own choice of certain value next to each savings book.
to the blue “required income per month” that you do not exceed your monthly income, otherwise you will have problems